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Call us Your Airways” or our Airways”, it all depends on the point of view. And yes, Y symbolizes a swallow - and not what you might not have though ... it is the national bird of Estonia (type: Hirundo rustica, if you want to google for maximum range, payload and other details). Or slogan is perfect a fit for a virtual airline, no real airline can ever say: “We take You and Your luggage to the same destination, every time … on time”. Our newer fleet also has additional slogan: You call it the World ... we call it home (Pan Am) Warm welcome to our virtual home!

(Y)our Airways (owned by JH Group) is the longest running Estonian virtual airline. For over 10 years, we have provided our small community with a high level of virtual airline services with real life know-how (there are some real airline staff among us). It has helped to raise the bar in every aspect - from scheduling and fleet management to a briefing package delivery and post-flight analysis. We are not a big virtual airline (when it comes to the headcount) but we consider us to be quality focused airline.


(Y)our Airways, virtual Estonian airline, officially founded in December 2008 as JH Air is still the longest running community driven virtual airline from Estonia. The company was inspired by real JP Air (as JP is shortened version of full name, JH has been rumored to be Johannes and Heigo Airlines), scheduled to operate MD-80s, but sadly never took off in real life. Limiting ourselves to some real-world airline would restrict our operations (vSAS only for real SAS flights and fleet etc.) has never been our goal - as an independent virtual airline, we can operate to where we want, with what we want and when we want.

As the company grew, subsidiaries, such as charter-, cargo divisions were added, We even “bought” one other Estonian virtual airlines - AL Aviation and merged it with us. Later on, JH Group, as a management company, was established. Company was rebranded as ”flyJH” in 2011, then in 2012 as ” (flyJH) our/Your Airways” and then, in 2017 - simply ”our/Your Airways”. Initial operations base was Tartu (EETU/TAY) with few destinations, like Milan, Rovaniemi and Helsinki. Selected aircraft was McDonnell Douglas MD-82 (by Leonardo - MADDOG 2006/8/10). The number of operations increased, and new hubs were introduced (Tallinn, Dortmund, London -LGW, Milan -MXP, Hamburg). New types, such as McDonnell Douglas MD-11 (PMDG) were added. In 2012, the aging fleet of MD-82s were replaced by new Boeing 737-900 (PMDG) straight from Everett factory. Boeing 777-200LR (PMDG) joined our fleet later in 2013. 777 destinations included small holiday destinations and big metropolises like New York, Tokyo, Dubai, Los Angeles. In December 2013, over 100 flights per month were flown. The airline continued to operate, but number of operations decreased gradually as real life duties took over. From 2008-2017, Your Airways operated 2963 flights and logged 7162 flight hrs. Those are impressive stats for our small community.

It is worth to mention that over 10 years in business, there have been only two months when JH has not operated a single flight. Worth to mention that majority of our pilots are from Estonia (population slightly above one million)

Interest in bringing back the Your Airways by JH Group in its full glory increased at the end of 2017 by most of the former and active members. The original team started basically from scratch and the entire airline was been re-branded with new design, web-page, intranet, new fleet (A320 and B747-8) and schedules (although some historic routes remain). Number of flights is steadily increased, and we proudly celebrated our 10th anniversary.

ICAO designator: JHI, IATA designator JH, Callsign: "Dorpat"


Your Airways has operated to more than 100 airports around the world. Today's destinations are selected considering following factors:

- high quality scenery availability (for both ESP and XP);
- routes are selected to be rather short to let our pilots to have multiple hops after long working day, while some are longer for those rainy Sundays.

Estonia, Tallinn EETN/TLL - is our home airport and we are responsible for average 20%, up to 50%, of the total VATSIM traffic to/from EETN/TLL per month.



Regular flights (from TLL)

Our extensive scheduled flights route network covers most of the European capitals with the distant places from Tokyo to San Fransisco via Tallinn, Estonia. Like in real airline, flight schedules are updated twice a year (summer season and winter season).

Seasonal flights (from TLL)

We have four seasons, so we plan our seasonal network according to the realistic travel destinations. In summer, we fly to Mediterranean holiday places. When winter comes, the routes are replaced with skiing resorts and distant holiday destinations.

Ad-hoc charters

It would be boring to fly to/from same airports, without a change, for half of the year. Therefore we improvise. There may be dedicated VIP, business or group charters to places all over the world. Either with main or special fleet.


Our airline has seen many different types from MD-82 to Boeing 747 and everything in between. Mainline fleet is selected based on available add-ons for the simulator.

“flying computer”

by Flightsimlabs for ESP and FlightFactor for XP.

A320 is a perfect fit for our needs, allowing short to medium haul flights with reasonable fuel burn and outstanding dispatch reliability. Both, Flightsimlabs and FlightFactor, have set a benchmark in desktop aircraft simulation history. The depth of system simulation is once again deeper than ever before – let’s say that there is even a model to simulate cabin temperature (based on door positions, number of passengers on board, sun angle and cloud coverage, etc.) on Flightsimlabs.

”relic from 50s”

by PMDG for ESP and ZIBO for XP.

Boeing 737 was added to our Airbus fleet due to requests from our crew. It might not be as complex simulation as the A320, but it offers a good learning platform and nice framerates. In this cockpit, pilots still have to set systems manually. PMDG set the standard for add-on aircraft over 10 years ago, when they released the original 737 NG. When NGX was released, another benchmark was set, it was our 2nd generation aircraft. After the ZIBO mode was released for X-Plane, another cross-platform aircraft was born.

“old workhorse”

by Leonardo Maddog for ESP and Rotate for XP.

This was the original aircraft for the startup phase of Your Airways. It was and is a superb simulation of relatively complex and old aircraft. Even the circuit breakers are simulated. When the Maddog came back in 2018, the original first aircraft of Your Airways (ES-JMA) was returned to service from the US desert. The aircraft offers our pilots with a challenge no modern airplane can match. In the cockpit of MD, you literally must fly the aircraft and operate tens of systems and set almost everything manually. Our MD83 is in special P60 configuration.

BOEING 747-8
”modern classic”

by PMDG for ESP.

Whatever the reason, some of the virtual pilots like to fly for hours and hours and hours. Maybe it is a feeling of getting somewhere, maybe it is interesting to see distant places the A320 or B737 can not reach. An aircraft for that purpose was needed. After some research, the PMDG 747-8 looked like the most complex and up-to-date aircraft to fit the needs. Our aircraft are named after “closed” airports: “Spirit of Kai Tak”, “Spirit of Meigs Field” and “Spirit of Tempelhof”.

All 2-engine aircraft are ETOPS 180 and ILS CAT 3A approved.



We have listened our passengers, updated our fleet and changed in-flight services to suit Your needs. From complimentary drinks to a free WiFi. Get to Your destination well rested and in good mood. Our cabin crew will take care of You from the boarding till the complete stop at the destination. Warm welcome aboard.




Our special waiting areas are availability at: TLL

Areas are free of charge for both business and economy travelers.

You will find complimentary drinks (coffee, tea, water), snacks, today newspapers, magazines, USB and EU/US charging connections, free WiFi. Plenty of space for families and groups. Our own information screen will feed You with live information about the status of the flights.

Online check-in with our APP or web-solution is faster than ever, even on charter* flights

* - depending on the nature of charter



from snacks and lunch-boxes to full gourmet menu*

Coffee, tee and water are free on all flights

EU and US flights up to 3 hrs - pre-order a meal from our menu. Snacks, cold food and drinks are available for purchase from our friendly cabin crew.

EU and US flights over 3 hrs / transatlantic / transcontinental flights - selection of snacks, hot food and drinks (also alcohol) are complimentary depending on the time of day.

* - menu availability depends on the departure airport.

* - place Your order at least 24h prior departure

* - special group orders available.




Most of the today's passengers prefer to use personal devices to spend time on long flights - we have good news.

All of our Airbus aircraft are equipped with Inmarsat Global WiFi, meaning You can get online even in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Dedicated offline site is available for movie streaming, company site and traditional "where we are map".

on-board movie selection is updated regularly to add the latest blockbuster movies.

* - USB charging is available at each seat.

* - limited number of US and EU sockets.




All of our Airbus fleet has received a complete interior overhaul in 2017.
The new Airbus "Airspace" cabin includes:
- The Largest Overhead Storage Compartment in its Class.
- Iconic Ceiling Lighting: Featuring a fully customized on-board luminary experience.
- New Window Bezel: The new fully-integrated window shades provide passengers more window space and unobstructed view.
- Coloured LED Lighting: Leveraging 16.4 million colour options, the new custom-cabin mood lighting creates a personalized in-flight experience at 30,000 feet throughout the cabin.



Our Intranet is custom made, but based on widely known virtual airline management system and briefing system. There You can find everything from livery downloads, aircraft data, operations manuals, checklists, charts, scheduling system with instructions, performance calculations, company routes and much more.

Our management has real life airline operations experience, leading to a user friendly UI and the data You need for safe operations. We do not waste time and resources on financial calculations and usless features. Everything the real pilot would need is there. Intranet works on desktop but is designed also for tabled (EFB) use.

* - Pilots are required to have a account and valid NAVIGRAPH subscription for latest navdata.

Some screenshots from the EFB solution running on iPad.




Joining us is easy, just fill in the linked form. We will contact all applicants who do meet the requirements for a personal interview and introduction (via Facebook, Skype or Discord).

- full name
- VATSIM ID / total hrs.
- Application (why you want to join)

Information about entry requirements and ranks can be seen below. Separate exams are required for upgrades (ETOPS as an example).


Operations statistics (last updated Jan 2019)
Flights operated
Hours flown
Passengers carried
Fuel used (kg)


Default entry level for Your Airways

Limitations / approvals

- no-ETOPS
- MTOW > 136 000 kg
- one type only

Green Captain

Green Captain

from 150 hrs.

2nd entry level for Your Airways

Limitations / approvals

- MTOW > 136 000 kg
- two types

CPL Captain

CPL Captain

from 700 hrs

For experienced commanders

Limitations / approvals

- no MTOW restriction
- three types

ATPL Captain

ATPL Captain

from 1500 hrs

Special role for special people

Limitations / approvals

- no MTOW restriction
- no type limit



min 3000 hrs


Please fill the following form to contact us, we will reply as soon as possible.